Message from our Council President
David Weigel

Dear Abiding Savior family,

We are reopening for Worship Services on Sunday, June 21

Following are the plans:

First of all, the safety of our congregation is paramount in the decision making
process regarding the church being reopened for services.

I want you know that your church council diligently reviewed and discussed as
much of the current information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic as was
available from the CDC, Federal, State, and Local governmental agencies. We
also received information from a national church organization, two local
churches, and one long distance church on their guidance for reopening their
churches. With all of this information the church has developed the following

1. Masks will be strongly recommended and encouraged. If you have a
mask, please bring it with you. We only have a limited supply.
2. Social distance will be strictly enforced. A minimum of six (6) feet will be
required between non-family units.
3. No social interaction before, during, or after the service. Social interaction
such as gathering to talk in the narthex, sanctuary, or walk ways is
prohibited. There will be no coffee time before or after church. Anne
Worth Hall will remain closed. Chatting at a six to ten foot distance after
leaving the church building is on a personal discretion basis.
4. No congregational singing during the service. We will have organ music
as usual. The choir will not sing and special instrumentals will not be
5. Communion will not be provided until further notice.
6. The congregation is encouraged to drop off their offering when entering
the church. Baskets will be set up by the doors.

Look forward to seeing as we return to a new normal.

“Stay with us Lord”